Property Management

Whether you need a reliable tenant for a residential property or a reputable business for a commercial space, we’re here to help you every step of the way. We strive to add that personal touch, coupled with the expertise and experience you need from a property manager.

Time is what I have so you can focus your attention elsewhere. I have the time and experience to take care of all your property needs while you focus on your career and family. My team has you covered. We go above and beyond to provide honest and trustworthy workmanship and offer a high standard of excellence.

Our contractors are reputable and experienced. We work hand in hand with many service providers who are diligent, timely, affordable and reputable. Only the best will do. We are a full-service property management company. We offer a selection of services to meet each clients needs.



First, we meet with you to assess a rental price for your property. I am a licensed, experienced and reputable Real Estate Representative who can assist with the rental price.

Next, I bring in a Professional photographer from Digital Direction. The pictures are then uploaded to our website with video to showcase your property and the neighborhood. A virtual tour really gives a potential client the feeling of being on the property.

We then will advertise and promote the property for lease on the MLS® system so that everyone looking has the opportunity to view this property online and thru our Open House virtual tour. It is then promoted via Facebook ads, online website presence, through the MLS® system and through REMAX a-b Realty Ltd a local Real Estate brokerage.

Hosting an Open House event to accept applications and to give an in-person showing of the property is key. This way potential clients can come in person for their own viewing. Once we receive the applications we pre-screen and credit check potential tenants based on the information provided in the application and with their approval. We narrow down the potential tenants and forward their information for your review. At that time we have a discussion and decide which tenant best suits the property. We confirm with the potential tenant that their application has been selected and secure tenant with a lease. Depending on the property we verify utilities and name changes if necessary or inclusion of the utilities in the property owners name. A Monthly payment plan option is secured for the collection of rents and forwarded via direct deposit.

The next phase is essentially the specific services required, if any, after the tenant has been secured.

Services For Hire


My team will assist you with the negotiation of lease agreements for rental of residential and commercial properties. We will provide the lease agreement and run credit checks for each potential tenant and verify employment and references. You as the property owner will have the option to review the top candidates and make the final decision on your new tenant(s) or leave the decision to us. Move in and out inspections, pictures, keys, advertisements, marketing etc is another value added service we handle.


Tenants expect fast courteous and unobtrusive living and we provide all services with that in mind. From a plugged toilet to the breakdown and leakage of a hot water tank. Time management of issues is key to our success. Our trades persons can co-ordinate and oversee any and all renovations or repair issues that arise for new and existing tenants. Tenants are all valued customers and we service all our clients as we wish to be treated. We go above and beyond to ensure your tenant is satisfied. This ensures that our service to your tenants creates a foundation of trust and transparency while ensuring their unit is operating optimally for their full satisfaction.


We can assist with various needs of financial management. Invoicing your tenants and collections of rent on a monthly basis. We can assist with basic reconciliation reports and expenses of your property on a monthly/yearly basis. Rental increase notices and collections of unpaid rents thru proper channels serving notices and evictions if necessary. We work hand in hand with local accounting firms whose expertise and knowledge may be required depending on the unit size of the property and accounting needs. We provide a list of local referred accounting professionals for you to choose from depending on how basic or extensive those needs are.


Our team is affiliated with many local contractors and builders whom we can refer for any permits or construction work projects. We suggest you speak with three to get the best fit for the type of work to be performed. Ensure that any contractor or builder is licensed, insured and registered.


Our team is local and can service properties within one hour for emergency issues. We offer several service levels depending on your needs whether you are an in-town investor or remote owner. We assist with identifying any potential problems and ensure that they are addressed immediately. Keeping your tenants happy and low disruption is key to their overall satisfaction as a tenant and to you as an owner.

We can co-ordinate to complete all necessary Tenancy code inspections to ensure your tenants safety for fire and carbon monoxide. Regular and /or scheduled drive by’s to ensure the outer appearance of the property is maintained to protect your investment and asset. Add on services include snow clearing, waste removal, janitorial services, roof and building maintenance as needed and emergency call out service’s for hours outside of Mon-Friday 9am-5pm. We offer emergency call outs on weekends, evenings and holidays. We liaison with the tenant for communication of all maintenance and co-ordination of schedules and trades for repairs or emergency issues that may arise.